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Is Your Life Hijacked by Pain?
Not Living with Energy and Joy?
Do You Wish You Didn’t Feel so Alone?
You Can Live Life by Your Design and Reveal the Real You!

  • Have you lost hope from being told over and over: “we can’t find anything really wrong”? “You are over-reacting, too emotional or need to toughen up”? Do you just want to enjoy your days, months, Life?
  • Even though you despise, your pain, are you doing the right things to feel better? Did you know many of the things you used to do are working against you now? Is it that you don’t know what to do?
  • Are you overwhelmed because life is so different now? You want your old life back, but you can’t do what you used to, is it hard to let things go?
It is not your fault! Physical and emotional pain, isolation, stress and more all have factors that can mimic and aggravate each other, one frequently triggers the next. A downward cycle of more pain flare-ups, increasing sad and nervous feelings and greater difficulty to cope with overwhelm often results and the downward spiral continues. Beyond Chronic Pain shows you how to break the downward spiral, there are simple, easy to learn interventions tailored for chronic pain conditions to break this cycle and maintain stability. These are proven self-help methods you can use with your traditional medicine and treatments, and/or as part of your alternative pain therapy.
Are you ready for proven, easy to use tips and techniques that will move you away from painful habits...and pain ...and into patterns designed to support the Healthy You?

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Beyond Chronic Pain will show you how to transform your health from exhaustion and pain into living life by your design to Lift You to Higher Levels of Enjoying Life!

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